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In the last ten years, international preschools in Vietnam are getting very popular and this is definitely a good sign for the future generations of the country. HESS wishes being a humble contributor to Vietnam's education system with our 30 years of experience in various developed countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and China and with a very well-developed curriculum. We wish to help children develop themselves in all aspects, especially the language capabilities because we trust that language will bring children closer to being a global citizen in the future, being more confident and no age group learns foreign languages better than first six years of life.

HESS's goal in Vietnam is to be a truly international preschool not only in poviding top-notched child-care but also shaping them up in becoming physically strong, mentally strong individuals; being independent and knowing how to love themselves and others. Knowledge is critical, language is important but without knowing how to love themselves and others, children won't be able to live happy lives in the future.