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HESS offers an integrated teaching program, helping young learners to develop well-rounded, through multiple intelligences theory. Topics that will be taught throughout the year includes: My school, My country, My family, Nature, Animals, Fruits, Shapes and Colors, Transportation, etc. Each topic will be developed for one month and we will organize outdoor activities for children to explore on the topic in the most practical manner

Little Worms is meant for toddlers under 3 years old - this is the age group when toddlers are mainly trained on self-help skills under close and warm guidance from our teachers and teaching assistants. Depending on the capabilities of each toddler, with the parents' support, we will help the children to develop the right milestones in accordance with their age group; for example - going to the washroom at the right time, start being introduced to brushing teeth, know that they should feed themselves, clearing up their sleeping bag, etc. Toddlers under three will start being introduced to letters, simple commands and familiarizing themselves with upbeat songs and foreigners.

Little Kittens is meant for children from 3 to 4 years of age. At this age, self-help skills will continue to be a focus, creating good habits so that when kids return home, they do. not require too much help from parents. When children are independent, it is easier for them to feel happy. Their language capability has improved whereby they can respond in full sentences for their mother-tounge language and in key words for English

Panda is for children from 4 to 5 years old. Teachers and teaching assistants' help on self-help skills are not much required for children at this age because children can do almost everything on their own. For both English and Vietnamese, our young learners can now converse in basic conversations with their teachers and friends and now they start being introduced to the third language - Chinese, twice a week

Hippo is the most senior brothers/ sisters in the school, aging 5 to 6 years of age. This is the preparation year for our learners to prepare themselves with confidence for primary school - either public or international program. They are now well versed with meaningful conversations with teachers and peers. For Chinese, they start being very familiar with commands and common vocabularies of Chinese