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HESS International Education Group is headquartered in Singapore. The first school branch of the Group in Vietnam is located at 373 Dang Nguyen Can Street Ward 13 District 6 Ho Chi Minh City and we will continue expanding into other districts of the City in the next three years with an aim in bringing a truly international environment of preschools for children from 18 months to 6 years old in Vietnam.

HESS was proudly named after one of the founders, people with strong passion in educating young children who believe that young children should receive sufficient attention in education so that a strong foundation for their future growth is well laid out. They are no doubt the future generations of the country. After constant successes in Singapore, HESS is expanding its operating model in other developed countries such as Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan. And now, HESS is proudly here in Vietnam.

With more than 30 years of history, HESS International Education Group has built a very solid and sound curriculum for each of the age group and we continuously update our curriculum based on our own internal researches to make sure our children receive the best quality of education. Children-loving teachers, full of experience and committed to the organization are our key factors which define HESS success stories across various footprints. The teachers in our Group have the chance to relocate and work in various countries, bringing with them a widespread international exposure and culture and the children benefit very much from this.

HESS International Preschool is proud to be the first chain of preschool in Vietnam teaching three languages with in-house  developed curriculum where languages are taught by native teachers with a ratio of 4:2:1 for Vietnamese, English and Chinese respectively. We believe that language is an inevitable element to make an individual a global citizen in the near future, especially in such a globalized society like nowadays. We are confident our curriculum and teaching methods will help children acquire these langues in the most fun and exciting ways