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HESS International Preschool in Vietnam's wish is to help Vietnam children growing up with following traits


  • BEING A GLOBAL CITIZEN – when an individual is a global citizen, he/she has the capability of actively approaching opportunities inside and outside of Vietnam. Language is a very effective for individuals to understand more about culture, people and society of a country; thereby become more confident with higher adaptability skills. However, language is only a tool - if a person is well-versed in a foreign language but his/her knowledge base is low, the language capability is not very helpful either. However, acquiring knowledge is a life-time activity; kindergarten time is just the very beginning and this is the timeframe to encourage or activate children's interest in learning; not a time for adults to load a huge amount of knowledge on them


  • A PHYSICALLY STRONG AND MENTALLY STRONG INDIVIDUAL - even when an individual has knowledge, has money but without a strong body, he/she cannot deliver his life-time dream. There is a recent statistics showing that Vietnam is one of the laziest country in the world* However, the younger generations nowadays have started very positive trends in running, exercising, doing gym and indeed this habit should start from a very young age to boost immune system and avoid falling sick too often. Besides physical exercises, HESS will also help children develop healthy habits in maintaining their spirit and soul. Children with negative behaviors instead of being punished, will be guided in venting out their anger through meditation and we will only talk about their negative behaviors after their tantrums are over.

  • A COMPASSIONATE INDIVIDUAL, LOVING THE NATURE AND PEOPLE AROUND THEM - when the surrounding society has been heavily impacted by technologies, human becomes indifferent with are actually happening around us. Children growing up in this society will frequently feel disconnected, not able to make connection with others around them and growing up, they will encounter much difficulty in dealing with people and handling social relationships. HESS International Preschool will bring children back to nature, where people used to be born and growing up and this will help them to have connectedness with nature, trees, and animals. Our children learn to share and help each other through activities such as older ones will leave their uniforms, books for younger ones. Stuffed toys, used clothes can be passed down to schools for us to organize charity trips to orphanage to help the less fortunate and many mores.